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She Bloggers is a collaborative platform where a variety of bloggers come together to share our various thoughts, opinions, stories and ideas.  We are not professional writers, and most of us aren't the leading experts in our fields.  Instead, we are a group of  women (and a few men) from diverse backgrounds, all with a passion to share and learn together.  Our goal is to start discussions rather than just present our own personal views as facts.  

We respect all opinions, beliefs and ideas and hope that all readers will do the same.  Diversity and inclusion are important to us.  The views of the individual blogger do not always represent the views of the She Bloggers founders, but we honor everyone's right to share their unique perspective.  We want to learn from each other and our readers, so we invite you to respond to our posts in the comments.

Thanks for being a part of our community.  If you'd like us to cover a topic, or would like to submit a blog post, please do so here .  We will review all submissions and contact you if your post is selected.

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